The latest from HQN — articles for July 2018

Fixed Term Tenancies: Social housing at a cross-roads

A new I-SPHERE report, conducted in partnership with the Housing Quality Network, reveals how housing associations and local authorities in England are using Fixed Term Tenancies. Beth Watts, after speaking about her research at last week’s HQN annual conference, shares the main findings and reflects on their implications for the social housing sector.

Asset Management Network blog: Why measure the performance of your assets?

Measuring the long-term performance of your assets is essential to understanding their worth to your business. It will provide an objective baseline on which to make investment decisions, demonstrate value for money and identify locations, schemes, properties and tenure types requiring more detailed appraisals

HQN briefing: The governance of small housing organisations

Members of the Housing Quality Network receive weekly network briefings as part of their membership, which covers a topical issue in the social housing sector and analyses it in great detail. In June 2018 HQN Associate Roger Jarman wrote the following briefing on the governance of small housing associations. Roger's introduction can be found below:

HQN blog: The Brexit White Paper

At last we have some kind of a plan for Brexit. Whether it will last out the week is another question, but we do now have the government’s view on where it’s going with the most crucial national decision in decades.

HQN Blog: Regeneration is not a dirty word

A landlord’s commitment to replacing aging, unsatisfactory housing stock with better homes ought to be a good news story – but as our recent experience here at Curo shows, estate regeneration is not straightforward and has become a political hot potato.

HQN Blog: Local Government Association Conference – the real housing event?

There were probably as many housing-related announcements (and debates) in Birmingham at the LGA Conference as there were at the Housing Conference the previous week.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and Homes England launched and/or highlighted a number of initiatives.

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