The latest from HQN — articles for July 2017

Fixing our broken housing hearts

We’ve got to get a shift on. The Notting Hill Carnival starts on the 26th of August. That’s the next time the world will descend on Grenfell. So we need to have put our house in order by then. Here’s what I would do.

Total assurance from HQN in the era of safety and supply

“The tragedy…led to a profound cultural shift within the industry. Safety, neglected for too long in favour of economic and operational imperatives, was propelled to the top of the…agenda.” 

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Scope

Dear Sir Martin, you have invited suggestions for the scope of this inquiry. I would suggest that it is extended to cover the role of regulation of housing for the following reasons:

What a new regulatory regime should look like

You know that the direction of regulation will be changed within days. Of course, the details will follow on at some point. Here’s what the Council for Mortgage Lenders had to say the last time we looked at this four years ago. I want you to read every word of it and just let it sink in.

Devolution and the Mayoral Elections

Despite the General Election, there was considerable media coverage of the mayoral elections in six city regions and sub-regions on Thursday 4 May 2017. The success of Conservative candidates in four areas heightened the interest! The six areas are Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (Conservative), Greater Manchester (Labour), Liverpool City Region (Labour), Tees Valley (Conservative), West Midlands (Conservative) and the West of England (Conservative). More details can be found in Appendix One.