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HQN Blog: Taylor Swift says go to the HQN Cymru Annual Summit

Do you have a blank space in your diary? Well here’s a good idea for Wednesday 13 June. Come to our event. It’s in Wales. Why is it there? That’s because Taylor Swift says it’s a “level above beautiful”. Catch her Biggest Weekend show on the I-Player to see how much she liked being there. And you can see this for yourself in real life. It’s worth coming along even if you don’t work in Wales (yet).

The digital dilemma

Last week saw The Residents’ Network hold its 'Digital dilemma' event. The day was intended to highlight the benefits and pitfalls to going digital.

HQN Blog: Never mind the quality feel the width

That’s what I think about board papers. The sheer length of them guarantees bad governance. That Andrex puppy would have a field day with agendas that run into hundreds of pages. Why does this never get challenged?

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