The latest from HQN — articles for April 2018

HQN Blog: Away from (just) the numbers – a new way of thinking about housing from Labour

Once upon a time there was a touching faith that building houses in and of itself was a good thing. Here’s what Alex Morton had to say about it all back in 2010.

“A large increase in the number and quality of new homes will limit future house prices, reduce private rent increases, and lead to shorter social housing waiting lists.”

HQN blog: Labour delivers the goods – for the most part

It was back in September that Jeremy Corbyn announced a review of Labour’s housing policy. After a slow start, the Party got its act together and spent the winter months developing its Green Paper – ‘Housing for the Many’ published on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

HQN Blog: Housing Craiglang

You can see why Channel 5 made Housing Yorkshire. It’s cheap. You don’t need stars or a script. Just sit back and wait for the tweets. And you can see why the association went for it. Yes, we now know a lot more about what their teams do. But as one of the smart officers said, there are two sides to a story. Others have done a much better job of looking at life through the eyes of tenants.

Have you had that call from the RSH?

If your organisation have recently received the call from the Regulator for Social Housing, you may want to read the latest advice from HQN Chief Executive, Alistair McIntosh.