The latest from HQN — articles for March 2019

HQN Blog: We’re still not taking safety seriously - so here’s what to do

It’s getting on for two years since Grenfell. So, what have we done about it? To cut to the chase, this is what Judith Hackitt said about us at the time: first of all, we didn’t know enough about our homes. But we certainly didn’t let that get in the way of cutting costs to the bone at every turn. It’s a pity we’re not so hot at listening to folk or keeping them safe.

HQN Blog: All on Board – Delivering Good Governance in 2019

HQN is running a series of events which are putting governance under the spotlight. I attended the first in the series in London on Wednesday 27 February. The event was largely attended by officers rather than board members, although some delegates wore two hats – being officers of a particular housing association and board members of another/others (like me).