The latest from HQN — articles for March 2018

The tenant voice and the Housing Green Paper – make your views heard

Does the government really care about social housing residents? Should social landlords be doing more to ensure tenants voices are heard? In the post-Grenfell housing world, it appears the views of residents are being taken seriously. But will anything really change unless it comes from the top?

HQN Blog: Please Sir may I have some more?

Thank God for Trinity College. After centuries of trying it has finally turned out a well-trained brain. Step forward an Oliver we definitely need to hear more of. Yes it’s Oliver Leftwing, I mean Letwin. Our PM in a rare break from Brexit shenanigans asked him why no houses were getting built. What’s he got to say?

An update from the HQN Business Transformation Group

Thank you to all the members who managed to journey through the weather to make it to our Business Transformation Group Workshop at Halton Housing earlier this week. We hope you found the day to be interesting and informative.