The latest from HQN — articles for February 2019

HQN Blog: Towards a housing finance system that works

It’s baffling, isn’t it? You go to see a housing association and they tell you how hard it is to get social rents to stack up. And they’re right. Then you read the new Shelter report which says social housing pays for itself. And they’re right too. How can this be?

HQN Blog: Landlords awash with dosh – But will it be enough?

Breaking Bad was a classic box set, wasn’t it? The hero of the hour was Walter White. He spent a lot of his time looking after huge piles of cash. My goodness, we do need him back, don’t we? Housing associations have exactly the same problem as he did. (Though I hasten to add that the money has come from bonds not drugs.)

Video: The HQN VfM Metric Model

The HQN VfM Metric Model, produced for members of the Housing Finance Network by Lead Associate Ian Parker, is a resource that organisations in the housing sector can use to benchmark their data against other registered providers and how it can help you to prepare for inspection by the Regulator of Social Housing.