The latest from HQN — articles for February 2018

HQN blog: Tenant votes don’t matter

Stop the stigma. That’s what tenants told the ex-minister in his roadshows. We will see what comes out of this. But here is one example of how bad things are. Brexit means Brexit, but tenant ballots mean whatever you want them to mean.

HQN Blog: The councils are coming hurrah, hurrah

Back in the day Richard Branson was a hot air ballooning buccaneer. Now he really is round the bend. What’s his latest publicity stunt? Yes, folks it’s the talking toilet on trains. How the mighty have fallen. By his words you will know the man.

Sitting on my sofa

Now I’ve heard it all. After I was scared to death by McMafia the next thing I know the housing minister is on the box. It was a replay of an earlier interview.

Electrical safety in social housing research

The Health and Safety Network are delighted to be working with the University of York, and would like to invite members to  participate in some research that the Centre for Housing Policy are undertaking on behalf of Electrical Safety First, the charity that promotes good practice in electrical safety compliance.