The latest from HQN — articles for December 2017

If it ain't broke...

If it ain’t broke….

The HCA’s consultation on new ways to do VfM is at an end. What do we make of it? Everyone will support it strongly. After all who in their right mind could be against VfM? That would be daft. But will it change anything? I have my doubts.

HQN Blog: A Christmas Carol – updated by Charles Dickens

“Hoots mon I’m not putting another bawbee in the meter.” And with that ageing housing consultant Alistair McScrooge blew out the candle and settled down to sleep. As the insides of the windows iced over he snored. It had been a hard day. His Fitbit was buzzing from the number of times he crossed the road briskly to avoid giving to charity. But it was not going to be an easy night.

Throw the HCA up in the air again and see how it lands

In his opening article for the December issue of the Governor (full release coming soon), HQN Chief Executive Alistair McIntosh looks over the key developments in the sector over the past few months.