The latest from HQN — articles for November 2018

HQN Asset Management Network annual benchmarking exercise – it’s time for a change and we want your input

HQN has run a variety of asset management benchmarking exercises over the years looking at strategic asset management, responsive repairs, voids and planned maintenance, cost management, compliance and customer satisfaction. But we feel it is now time to stop with our traditional approach and ask our members what extra value we can bring to your organisation in the future by reinventing our approach to benchmarking.

HQN Blog: Bah humbug! Hot tips for IDAs to help you enjoy Xmas

‘The approach of Christmas brings harassment and dread to many excellent people.’ So says Mark Twain. And thanks to the RSH, he’s right. They’ve just rung up a bunch of folks to tell them to get ready for an IDA in the new year. Is it time for a hard candy Xmas? Not at all. Let’s see what you have to do…

HQN Blog: A tale of two housing reviews

We could be on course for radical changes in the way that new homes are planned, designed and built, if two Conservative knights get their way.

HQN Blog: A case for inspections?

Is it time to bring back inspection? That’s one of the ideas in the Green Paper. So far, it’s getting the thumbs down at our meetings with HQN members. The only person in favour of it we have found is one of the guys that used to run the inspections.