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pdf Current The Budget that forgot housing To be honest, the housing world wasn't holding its breath. Following hot on the heels of the government's housing white paper and funding commitments already outlined in the Autumn Statement, it was always unlikely that housing would be a key focus of Philip Hammond's Spring Budget. The fact it barely even got a mention, however, was a little surprising. File size: 307KB Published Date: 09/03/2017 Download
pdf Current Sounding Off An exclusive member blog from dBx Acoustics Ltd's Susan Witterick. File size: 134KB Published Date: 02/03/2017 Download
pdf Current Housing associations in La La Land It’s time to open up the envelope. Yes let’s see who has won the housing Oscars. The Global Accounts are out. It’s the moment of truth. The housing minister is rooting for the big boys. Is he in for a good night? We’ll see. File size: 255KB Published Date: 27/02/2017 Download
pdf Current A mobile workforce In 2015, Aster Group embarked on a mobile working project to roll out mobile technology to all neighbourhood officers. In an exclusive blog, Dave Ball, Head of Housing (Wiltshire) at Aster, explains how the organisation’s digital journey has changed how it delivers services to customers. File size: 77KB Published Date: 06/01/2017 Download
pdf Current HCA Unit Cost Analysis & Value for Money I attended a really useful and pertinent briefing session in London last week. The session was run by Alistair McIntosh (HQNs Chief Executive) and included two senior representatives from the HCA, together with Ian Parker who is HQNs Lead Associate for the Housing Finance Excellence Network. File size: 186KB Published Date: 14/07/2016 Download
pdf Current Thoughts on VfM after our events with the HCA We’ve just run a series of workshops with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) looking at Value for Money (VfM) and their new Cost per Unit (CPU) analysis. File size: 324KB Published Date: 13/07/2016 Download
pdf Current Farewell Cannes, bye bye housebuilding We’ll never see Cannes again. There will be no more breaks for housing bosses at the yearly conference held in this resort. Why? Tenants have put their foot down. File size: 194KB Published Date: 30/06/2016 Download
pdf Current Are construction costs set to increase? The asset management sector is bracing its self for a wave of unprecedented cost increases over the next twelve months. Whilst the post Brexit situation is still unclear, a range of factors are combining to put asset professionals under increasing cost pressure like never before. File size: 185KB Published Date: 30/06/2016 Download
pdf Current New ways to improve Value for Money The increasing drive to save money by finding efficiencies across the housing sector continues apace and many organisations are looking for new and innovative ways to make savings across their traditional supply chains. This article highlights two recent initiatives that attempt this, but in two different ways. File size: 194KB Published Date: 23/06/2016 Download
pdf Current Top tips for scoring G1/V1 at you In-Depth Assessment Whether you are expecting to be subject to an In-Depth Assessment or not, we're sure that you will find these tips of interest. File size: 198KB Published Date: 17/06/2016 Download
pdf Current HCAs growing focus on Value for Money A few weeks ago we commented on an article from Julian Ashby from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). File size: 195KB Published Date: 16/06/2016 Download
pdf Current Are you worried about a skilled labour shortage? If not, why not? The latest housing figures from the government show that in the first quarter of 2016 the number of homes constructed was 35,530 a fall of 9% compared to the same period last year. File size: 134KB Published Date: 16/06/2016 Download
pdf Current Five things we know about VfM after the HCA letter Here are five things we know about value for money after the letter, the review and the regression analysis. File size: 237KB Published Date: 13/06/2016 Download
pdf Current Consumer power Well I certainly spluttered out my vegan bran flakes into their organic unsweetened almond milk in Islington last Sunday. What was the cause of this unhappy incident? File size: 206KB Published Date: 24/05/2016 Download
pdf Current Selling off housing associations - a lesson from Eurostar As Leicester is about to go into Europe will the rest of us be leaving? I wish I’d never heard of Brexit. You can’t get a blinking thing done for folk using it as an excuse. Can I get my puncture fixed? Don’t be hasty! We need to hold off – the vote could affect the global market in rubber patches. And on it goes. File size: 197KB Published Date: 09/05/2016 Download
pdf Current Forget the Panama Papers, housing is Cameron's real conflict of interest Cameron is on the make. The Panama thirty grand is a distraction to throw us off the scent. And who cares what Sam spends on clothes? This is what should be on the front pages... File size: 191KB Published Date: 12/04/2016 Download
pdf Current Gold-plated nonsense Poor Ronnie Corbett has told his last joke. One of his best sketches was with the other Ronnie and John Cleese. (This article was originally published in Inside Housing on 8 April 2016. We have duplicated it here with full permission.) File size: 206KB Published Date: 08/04/2016 Download
pdf Current So what's the future of customer care? Let’s get one thing straight the rent cut isn’t the big deal. For sure it’s leading some to kick planned maintenance into the long grass. That’s just short sighted. New technology is where it’s at. File size: 232KB Published Date: 06/04/2016 Download
pdf Current Osborne downgraded for poor VfM self-assessment If George was a housing association what would the HCA do to him? They’d tell him to rip up the budget and start all over again. All the numbers have changed since the last time. You just can’t rely on him. File size: 190KB Published Date: 17/03/2016 Download
pdf Current VfM statements for 2016 – Staring into the jaws of a forced merger Ahead of chairing HQN's Line of Best Fit event in London this week, chief executive Alistair McIntosh looks at the implications of what this year's VfM statements could mean for housing associations. File size: 192KB Published Date: 29/02/2016 Download
pdf Current Five things we know from the HCA 2015 Global Accounts 1. Housing Association are doing really well financially – Osborne has three billion reasons to love you... File size: 196KB Published Date: 23/02/2016 Download
pdf Current Homes for Little Britain - why Zac's got my vote It looks like the number of homes being built is about to zoom up. That’s great news. Or is it. File size: 193KB Published Date: 05/02/2016 Download
pdf Current Views from Jon Land: Perception management key for HAs future With the passing of the Housing and Planning Bill into the Lords, many in the sector spoke of the “end of social housing.” File size: 198KB Published Date: 19/01/2016 Download
pdf Current HCA blog - the social housing sector has never known a year like last year Julian Ashby shares his thoughts on 2015: How was 2015 for you? I can safely say that the social housing sector and the regulator have never known a year quite like it. File size: 274KB Published Date: 18/01/2016 Download
pdf Current Keeping up with the fast-changing legal scene Following our Housing Law events last month, our Deputy Chief Executive Lydia Dlaboha, shares her legal 'to do' list for 2016. File size: 203KB Published Date: 14/01/2016 Download
pdf Current A virus called the Housing and Planning Bill has wiped my diary So what’s it to be golf or fishing? I’ll go for whichever one takes up the most time. File size: 197KB Published Date: 06/01/2016 Download
pdf Current Is new stamp duty the straw that breaks the camel's back? The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says that the number 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. File size: 244KB Published Date: 04/01/2016 Download
pdf Current Osborne's 'Better Deal' has housing in its sights Why do we never look outside of the housing bubble? If we did we’d know a lot more about what is coming down the track. That rent cut is not an isolated incident. Instead it’s part of Osborne’s grand plan set out in his latest epic tale -“A better deal: boosting competition to bring down bills for families and firms.” You should read it. File size: 199KB Published Date: 02/12/2015 Download
pdf Current Terry Wogan would have been proud It was the sort of speech Terry Wogan could have delivered in his Children in Need pomp. Near enough every charity and good cause in the country got a few bob from the kindly George Osborne rattling his big tax tin. If we ever need a stand in for Pudsey, it’s clear he’s our man. And wherever you are in the country, you will be getting a new trainset or a trip on a jet plane for Christmas. Will you have the keys to the door to go with it? We’ll see. File size: 198KB Published Date: 25/11/2015 Download
pdf Current When will the penny drop? We need to listen to what the government says and stop ignoring them. It would cut out a lot of silly mistakes. To give the Tories their due, they tell it like it is. And they tell us first. File size: 194KB Published Date: 03/11/2015 Download
pdf Current Valueworks blog: at the Labour Party Conference Valueworks' Elizabeth Sipiere and Jarrod Hargreaves had the privilege of attending the Labour party conference in Brighton. File size: 72KB Published Date: 29/10/2015 Download
pdf Current Proud to be a social tenant? #HousingDay is a national online event which has been created to celebrate the positive impact of social housing on thousands of tenants. This is an article by Zoe Rooney, a Yarlington Housing Group tenant. File size: 128KB Published Date: 08/10/2015 Download
pdf Current The privatisation of housing associations is inevitable Housing associations will be set free to roam as private companies. There is no doubt in my mind about this. File size: 189KB Published Date: 23/09/2015 Download
pdf Current Buying power = staying power Procurement For All’s managing director Keith Armstrong reflects on a decade of changes to the way housing associations purchase goods and services. File size: 117KB Published Date: 09/09/2015 Download
pdf Current Hedge your bets No, Crystal Amber is not the name of an inmate in Orange is the New Black. But she just might change your life. File size: 205KB Published Date: 07/09/2015 Download
pdf Current Top skill required on a housing association board? Juggling Housing association boards are in a new era, one that requires the ability to juggle a huge range of demands. They must have something to offer that makes sense to government, councils and people from all walks of life who want homes. File size: 198KB Published Date: 03/09/2015 Download
pdf Current Procurement: Optimum results A string of high-profile repair and maintenance jobs have failed recently. Is the problem connected to how some clients carry out procurement at the beginning of the job? File size: 161KB Published Date: 12/08/2015 Download
pdf Current British Property Federation blog: the politics of property To deliver the housing numbers the capital needs will require greater density. Build to Rent, with its focus on quality management and long-term place-making should be well placed to provide what Londoners and their politicians want. File size: 152KB Published Date: 11/08/2015 Download
pdf Current Valueworks blog: implementing the government's digital by default model Here is the latest article from Valueworks which considers the use of its product suitability for the suppliers and contractors of social landlords. File size: 92KB Published Date: 05/08/2015 Download
pdf Current Government eyes on housing association value for money statements Is it your job to write the VfM statement for your housing association? If so, you are about to do one of the most political things you have ever done in your life. File size: 170KB Published Date: 04/08/2015 Download
pdf Current Conflicts of interest Have you heard of Gertjan Vlieghe? He wants to join the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee to set interest rates. So he could be the guy that triggers one of your biggest stress tests if his hand goes up for a hike in rates. File size: 212KB Published Date: 31/07/2015 Download
pdf Current Here comes the story of the housing association OK, I’ve changed the words a bit to make the point. But did you see Channel 4 news last night? File size: 200KB Published Date: 24/07/2015 Download
pdf Current Valueworks blog: why Is Valueworks tech so well suited to social landlords contractors and suppliers Here is the latest article from Valueworks which considers the use of its product suitability for the suppliers and contractors of social landlords. File size: 69KB Published Date: 24/07/2015 Download
pdf Current ‘Proper’ Tories versus ‘think-tank’ Tories Tally Ho! Where are the proper Tories when you need them? File size: 233KB Published Date: 22/07/2015 Download
pdf Current Summer budget happened so fast Well that was a jolt to the system wasn’t it? By George we’ve lost a lot of rent. What do we do about it? File size: 192KB Published Date: 20/07/2015 Download
pdf Current Valueworks blog: Social Housing leads Public Sector in the Cloud for Repairs and Maintenance In her latest blog, Elizabeth Sipiere considers how social housing can use the Cloud revolution to manage asset costs. File size: 303KB Published Date: 17/07/2015 Download
pdf Current It's a trap Why has Osborne chopped your rents? He is teeing you up for the next attack. What he wants is for chiefs to say “that’s it, we can’t build any more homes.” Then he will pounce. It’s the off with their heads moment. The Tories will come in hard on VfM. Osborne will insist that you can build more homes if you cut out waste. We need to get ahead of the curve here. You know full well that he will have a brutal definition of waste. If any of your costs or wages look at all high he will go for you. Those so called surpluses are a tempting fruit. File size: 212KB Published Date: 09/07/2015 Download
pdf Current What would a takeover code look like for housing? Has the Homes and Communities Agency found a great new way of driving value for money? Julian Ashby says it’s time to sign up to a takeover code. What will this do? Well the City version tells you what needs to go in any offer document. File size: 171KB Published Date: 28/05/2015 Download
pdf Current Housing cannot feel sorry for itself They say the darkest hour is the one before dawn. Well that is how it feels. Housing cannot feel sorry for itself 08 MAY 2015 File size: 191KB Published Date: 08/05/2015 Download
pdf Current Time to mobilise the Rent Army We need a mass political party for tenants. And we need it today. If Labour is in power they must be pushed to build good homes at cheap rents. File size: 204KB Published Date: 01/05/2015 Download
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