Your HQN Brexit checklist: From ‘just in time’ to ‘make damn sure you’ve got it in stock’

HQN Chief Executive Alistair McIntosh and a crack team of HQN associates have pooled their knowledge to create a checklist aimed at helping the sector prepare for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

Let’s have some words from Mr McIntosh: ‘As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit looms larger, the Regulator for Social Housing is telling social landlords that stress-testing and preparing for worst-case scenarios is “vital”.

‘In this new checklist we’re looking at issues that are manageable at the level of the individual landlord. A seriously disorderly Brexit would obviously affect all sectors deeply and may be beyond any course of action – or it may not come to that and a deal will be reached.

‘We are looking at worst case scenarios as that is RSH requirement. But RPs, councils and ALMOs could be funded by government to keep building to get the country through this. We will see…’

Download our essential Brexit checklist by clicking any of this text that has been turned into a internet link for your use.