Thousands of new council homes planned for Wales by 2040

Wales has seemingly decided it’s had quite enough of hanging around waiting for the rest of the country to build new homes, and has rolled up its sleeves and got on with it. Well, that’s if the proposals outlined in the new National Development Framework come to pass.

The Welsh Government has launched a new consultation on the proposed framework for 2020-2040, which promises many exciting things. The most eye-catching proposal is the building of an extra 114,000 homes over the next 20 years, of which 3,900 would be ‘affordable’ or council homes.

It intends to focus on urban development ‘clusters’ around Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Wrexham, with an added focus on public transport corridors and hubs. It’s also keen to stress that ‘high density’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘high rise,’ which will please those worried Anglesey may suddenly transform into a skyscraper metropolis overnight.

The consultation places a lot of focus on rural areas and the environment too, which seems sensible in this era of climate change. It urges prioritising the food and drink, energy and tourism sectors in rural areas, and improving broadband connections for countryside dwellers. There are also plans afoot for offshore wind and solar developments to generate more green energy, district heat networks, electric vehicle charging points and a new national forest.

It all sounds too good to be true, but is it? You can have a look at the consultation for yourself here and if you spot something that doesn’t seem right to you, be sure to let the Welsh Government know what you think here.