Shaping the future: the HQN Green Paper survey

The Social Housing Green Paper offers a chance to shape the future relationship between tenants, landlords and the regulator. The intention is to get landlords to raise their game, delivering high quality services that tenants want. But how best to achieve that?

The consultation asks 48 questions – we’re going for something more focused to help you shape your responses and to gauge the mood of the sector. Whether you’re a tenant, manager or board member; your organisation is a housing association, council, ALMO, TMO or mutual, take our survey and have your say. We will use the data gathered in this survey as part of an upcoming HQN report which will be shared with network members in the future.

To participate in this survey, click here.
In addition to this survey, the latest HQN briefing – this week written by Colin Wiles – analyses the key questions laid out in the government's green paper consultation. In the introduction Colin writes:
"These questions are your opportunity to join that ‘national conversation’ and it is important that landlords and other interested parties respond to this consultation. Whatever your views on the green paper, it is clear that the government is now in listening mode and has ditched some of its more unworkable and unpopular policies (the Alex Morton/Policy Exchange agenda). There is still a long way to go, but it is important that we respond to this consultation with a unified voice."
"This briefing also provides a comparison between the government’s green paper and the Labour Party’s green paper published in April 2018."

Click here to download a copy of the briefing. 
To view the government consultation, click here.