Rise in social housing stock, regulator reveals

There has been a rise in the level of stock owned or managed by private registered providers (PRPs) of social housing in England.

According to the Regulator of Social Housing’s (RSH) first release of the Statistical Data Return 2018-2019, PRPs reported owning 2,995,569 units/bed spaces on 31 March 2019 (including social and non-social tenures) – a 2% increase since 31 March 2018.

The report also reveals:

  • 85 % of stock owned by PRPs on 31 March 2019 was low cost rental stock (2,567,063 units/bed spaces)
  • There were 20,900 more low cost rental (including affordable rent) units/bed spaces on 31 March 2019 than on 31 March 2018 (a 1% increase since 2018) the increase driven by an 11% increase in affordable rent units
  • An additional 11,299 units/bed spaces of low-cost home ownership were reported as owned by PRPs on 31 March 2019 compared to 2018 (an increase of 6%) - the rate of increase in LCHO  speeding up since 2017

Fiona MacGregor, RSH chief executive, said: “The first release of this year’s Statistical Data Return, demonstrates how the social housing sector continues to change and grow.

“We hope that the data, now in a new format, is more accessible and continues to support our stakeholders in understanding key trends in the sector. We welcome feedback on how we can make further improvements.”

This year’s Statistical Data Return results are being made available in three releases phased over the next few weeks, following calls user views between May and July 2019 about proposals to make the publication of the data more timely and more accessible. The set of national statistics includes a range of briefing notes, look-up tools and accompanying documents.

The first release of the SDR is now available on the RSH website.