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Hot air about building performance creates turbulence

We’re in the danger zone now. Winter is coming, as they say. Picture if you will a cold, wet day where the light is fading fast. What does a builder on scaffolding ten storeys up with freezing fingers do? You know what’s coming. He bangs on the cladding without the insulation using any old screws and hops back into the comfort of a warm Transit. That’s what I’m told by people in the know anyway.

Ad Astra

Wasn’t the Queen’s speech thrilling! So much for boring old Brexit. Who cares about Europe, we’re going to roam the galaxy instead. Easily the best bit of Boris’s ventriloquist act was the launch of a space strategy. Where did he get that brilliant idea from? Maybe he had a cosy night in watching the latest Brad Pitt film. We don’t need Brad Pitt we’ve got our own. Come on Boris get into your Action Man space suit now! You must boldly go!

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