Over 50% of social tenants have experienced problems with repairs

More than half of England’s social housing households have experienced some kind of problem with repairs, new research has revealed

According to housing charity Shelter, around 2.5 million tenants have had an issue with things like gas leaks and broken lifts in the last three years, while, shockingly one in 10 have had to report a repair 10 times before it was resolved.

Polly Neate, Shelter’s CEO, said: ‘Tenants were not listened to at Grenfell and they are still not being listened to in social housing up and down the country.

‘They are acutely aware of that and it’s leading them to fear for their safety, which is hardly surprising given what happened at Grenfell.

‘So what we really need is a new regulator that will hear tenants’ concerns, and follow them up, and be accountable to tenants themselves.’

In the wake of 2017’s Grenfell fire which claimed 72 lives, there have been increasing demands for regulations that’ll protect social housing tenants from dangerous infrastructure in their homes.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said: ‘No one should be forced to live in unsafe housing and we are working closely with Grenfell United and others to ensure social homes are safe and issues are resolved quickly.’