Ikea to develop ‘affordable’ UK homes

Flatpack furniture firm Ikea has announced plans to start building homes in the UK.

The Scandinavian outfit has been told it can crack on with the construction of 162 homes in the south coast outpost of Worthing.

After receiving the blessing of Worthing Council, BoKlok, Ikea’s development company, will utilise unused land and help out first-time buyers in a town where homes sell for around 11 times average salaries.

BoKlok specialises in low-cost modular homes and has knocked up around 11,000 of the things in Scandinavia.

Back in worthy Worthing, meanwhile, the firm will assemble the mixture of one to three-bed properties from factory-prepared flatpacks. They will come fitted with Ikea kitchens and furnishings, naturally, and perhaps a pot of those little pencils.

According to BoKlok, the homes will sell with 25-year mortgages at prices ‘affordable for a single parent’, while the council will be handed 30% of the stock for social housing.

The development is hoped to be completed by 2021 – and if all goes well there are plans for another 500 homes.