HQN Blog: EDI aspects of the Green Paper

Colin Heyman, the new lead for HQN's relaunched Equality and Diversity Network, looks over the Social Housing Green Paper from an EDI perspective, and highlights the factors the sector will have to consider going forward.

HQN has covered the Social Housing Green Paper in some detail. The paper pledges to ‘renew’ the government’s commitment to social housing and to ‘kick-start a national conversation about its future’. It is open for consultation until Tuesday 6 November 2018, so this is your chance to comment and influence.

The consultation is divided into five themes. Every theme has a list of questions at the end for comment and there are 48 consultation questions in all. For more information on the questions, see “The Social Housing Green Paper: A new deal for social housing – consultation questions” by Colin Wiles (click here to download the briefing from the HQN resources section).

In truth, this green paper should be called the Grenfell Green Paper because it arises directly from that tragedy. Since then, the government has met with almost 1000 residents of social housing at events across England. They don’t appear to have involved RSLs.

This briefing looks at the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) aspects of the paper.

Although the Green Paper doesn’t have in it anything explicitly about EDI, there are several areas which could have implications for EDI – or be used to improve diversity practice, particularly if we think of EDI more generally in terms of empowering tenants rather than specifically in relation to the ‘protected characteristics’ groups.

To download the full briefing blog, click here. 

By Colin Heyman, Lead Associate for The Equality and Diversity Network