HQN and Liberty Group asset management survey now live

In the modern word of asset management we recognise that the traditional stock condition survey data can be enhanced by other data and intelligence to allow your organisation to make better and faster decisions.

Understanding the worth and value in terms of financial key performance using net present values is essential, but importantly can be enhanced by the potential of your assets to generate income and create more sustainable home for the future using green technology.

Technological advancements are gathering at such a pace that what used to be in the realms of science fiction could now help you predict the best time to service, repair or replace, ensuring better value for money, good customer service and – importantly – create and manage safe homes.

HQN and Liberty are currently working in partnership to understand how providers can make the best use of advancing technology to both maintain and generate income from assets, but importantly ensuring homes are safe and residents have better information on safety issues as reinforced by the government’s Social Housing Green Paper – 'A New Deal for Social Housing.'

White Paper

As part of Liberty’s work with HQN, we would like to ask you a few questions in the support of the development of a White Paper, which we will feedback at an event for HQN members.

We would like to ask you a few questions on the following topics as part of our research:

1. Improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel poverty in social housing – using efficient systems and equipment and reducing the use of tradition energy with smart boiler technology and metering etc

2. Use of battery technology to capture the power of the sun and wind

3. Creating smart homes to improve asset management – using technology to inform you about the conditions and performance of your homes, allowing you to make better decisions that reduce the cost of property management and improve the quality of life for your tenants.

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