Housing gets brief mentions in Tory leadership scramble | News

Housing gets brief mentions in Tory leadership scramble

A couple of the contenders from the big heap of Tory leadership candidates have pledged housing policies, as they attempt to butter-up the party’s membership.

Jeremy (careful) Hunt has said he’ll build an extra 1.5 million homes over the next 10 years in a drive to get young people on the housing ladder – and he’ll build them with his own bare hands (joking)!

Acknowledging the Tories' dismal results in recent elections, Hunt MP reasoned that it was important to attract younger people to the Conservatives, as your party looks rather moribund when the average age of one of your supporters is 92.

Hunt hollered: ‘There is no majority in relying just on those who voted for us in 2017 and the party now faces a choice about whether we want write off our chances with young people.

‘I believe we have to unite the country, especially the divide between young and old.’

The would-be prime minister went on to insist that he would focus on lots of things young people are interested in besides housing, such as climate change, mental health, education (and whatever else it is they’re into…music, sweets, games?).

Meanwhile, long shot Sam Gyimah MP has pledged to abolish stamp duty for homes bought for under £1 million, replace business rates with a commercial land tax, and cut loads of taxes.

So, that’s nice, isn’t it? Neither hopeful mentioned the words ‘affordable’ or ‘social’ – but, then, why would they? They’re after Tory voters after all.

As of going to press, none of the other 50 leadership candidates have mentioned housing in any form. We’ll keep you posted.