Homes England: Sir Edward Lister resigns as Chair

During the recent reshuffle following Boris Johnson’s appointment as prime minister, it was announced that Sir Edward Lister, the Chair of Homes England, would be appointed as Johnson’s Chief Strategic Adviser.

Many at the time pondered whether Sir Edward would be able to successfully balance his new role with his fairly important task of helping Homes England to fund new housebuilding initiatives.

Well, now he’s made his choice and has today announced that he would be stepping down from this role to devote his full attention to the new PM.

This has led, of course, to some glowing words left here on the Homes England website, such as those from board member and Senior Independent Director Simon Dudley (the man who will be standing in as Chair until a permanent replacement is found): “Sir Edward leaves a remarkable legacy, including making the case for a new Homes England that promises to disrupt the housing market to deliver the homes this country needs.”

Perhaps it’s best the prime minister has a housing boffin on his team. A recent survey from the folks at CIH has found that three quarters of people across the country believe there’s a housing crisis, and more than half think we’re not talking about it enough. It also shows strong public support for more social housing, and that people are more concerned over how the housing crisis will impact their lives than even the B-word.

So, Sir Edward’s successor is going to have to roll their sleeves up it seems.