Grenfell inquiry to be published hours before UK is to leave EU

The public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire will be released on 30 October – the day before the UK is supposed to leave the European Union.

With the publication coming hours before what could be one of the biggest events in British history, survivors and families of victims of the 14 June 2017 tragedy which claimed 72 lives are concerned that the findings will be obscured.

This month prime minister Boris Johnson wrote to Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the inquiry’s chairman, telling him to publish the report no later than 30 October.

Survivors and families will receive the report 36 hours earlier, “under strict embargo”.

In an update on its website, the inquiry says it will “provide a copy of the Report to all core participants and their legal representatives in advance of its publication.

“The Chairman believes that it is very important that those most affected by the fire have the opportunity to read and absorb the key findings in the Report before it is made public.

“In particular, he wishes to avoid a situation in which Bereaved, Survivors and Resident Core Participants learn of any of the contents of the Report as a consequence of media coverage arising from premature or unauthorised disclosure. For this reason, the Inquiry will make the Report available to all core participants at least 36 hours prior to publication under a strict embargo.

“Following the end of this embargo period, the Report will be laid in Parliament and published on the Inquiry website on Wednesday 30 October 2019.

“The Inquiry has written to core participants about these arrangements and will provide further details on the plans for publication shortly.”