'Green revolution' in housebuilding coming, government reckons | News

'Green revolution' in housebuilding coming, government reckons

Britain’s ailing government has announced a new green standard for new-build homes, which it confidently reckons will “bring an environmental revolution” to housebuilding. We shall see.

Revealed by housing secretary Robert Jenrick MP, the Future Homes Standard will see gas boilers’ reign of polluting terror brought to an end, as they will be banned from new homes by 2025 and “replaced with the latest generation of clean technology – such as air source heat pumps and cutting-edge solar panels”.

The regime says its plans will tackle climate change and also keep household bills low.

Furthermore, ministers will apparently consult on overhauling the planning system in pursuit of “a simpler, fairer” version “that works for everyone”.

And there’s more! Additionally, the government wants to create a new “national design code that will ensure developers build beautiful, well designed homes that people are proud to live in”.

Soon the country's local authorites will be "expected to produce their own design guide which reflects their unique setting, character and history, while meeting the expected national standard". 

Jenrick MP said: “Building new homes isn’t just about bricks and mortar, I want to ensure everyone – including developers – do their bit to protect the environment and give the next generation beautiful, environmentally friendly homes that local communities can support.

“That’s why I am requiring carbon emissions are cut by up to 80% from 2025 for all new homes and have published a National Design Guide, setting out simply what we expect from new development.

“We are also reforming the planning system making it faster and more efficient for everyone, from households to large developers, alongside giving families greater freedom to extend their homes to meet their changing needs.”