Government says £142m infrastructure investment will deliver 8,500 homes

Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom may be neck-deep in a deeply uncompelling leadership competition, but that’s not stopped it announcing things.

And so it is that housing minister Kit Malthouse MP has today said that £142 million will be invested into infrastructure to help ‘deliver the homes the country needs’.

Widening bridges, new roads and the connection of utilities is the order of the day, which will apparently lead to the construction of ‘up to 8,500 properties’ – but only in Woking and Truro. Better luck next time, readers from anywhere else.

The money is coming from the £5.5 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund, so I think that means the £142m isn’t new funding as such, though it might sound like it is.

Anyhow, Malthouse MP said: ‘For decades, governments of all stripes and types have not built enough new homes but we are turning that around, brick by brick.

‘We are driving to create homes, opportunities and thriving communities – and this £142 million investment will mean we can build more of the properties our country so badly needs.

‘We need to keep upping our game and build more, better, faster, if we are to meet our ambition to deliver 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.’

So, Woking will see £95m invested, which the government says will ‘unlock land to build up to 4,500 homes in the town’. The money will pay for the widening of the Victoria Arch Bridge; road improvements; land; and connecting utilities.

Meanwhile, 4,000 new homes will emerge in Truro after a £47m investment there is put towards new road links.

And here’s the government’s press release, should you fancy it.