Aftershocks: What will 2020 mean for UK housing? Find out! | News

Aftershocks: What will 2020 mean for UK housing? Find out!

We’re living in tumultuous times, to say the very least. So, what are the UK housing sector’s prospects looking like for 2020?

Luckily, we’ve devised an end of year event to probe this very question – and we’ve the likes of Homes England, Moody’s and the Regulator of Social Housing coming along to share their wisdom!

Our line-up of top speakers will attempt to peek into the future and explain what next year has in store for the sector – with the chaos of 2019 still very much going on around us.

Whatever state this year leaves us in, there are going to be considerable political, social and economic aftershocks: which is why we’re calling this event Aftershock 2020 – What happens next?

The sector has largely become an innocent spectator to the turmoil, while housing policy has taken a back seat - but the implications for our communities and residents are potentially enormous.

Chaired by HQN chief Alistair McIntosh, Aftershock 2020 will take stock of 2019 in the company of the best housing commentators, policy chiefs, analysts and leaders the sector has to offer.

Key sessions and speakers include:

Housing policy – where do we go from here? - Toby Lloyd, former Number 10 housing policy advisor

The UK housing market and prospects for development - Joe Sarling,  Head of Research and Analysis, Homes England

Technology and innovation - Nick Atkin, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Housing

Health and safety compliance - Gill Kernick, International Safety Consultant and former Grenfell Tower resident

Progress on and predictions for preventing homelessness - Rick Henderson, Chief Executive, Homeless Link

Prospects for UK housing associations in 2020 - Jeanne Harrison, Vice-President – Senior Analyst, Moody's

From consumer regulation to the new Rent Standard - Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive, RSH

The outlook for local authority housebuilding - Speaker TBC

The event will be of real interest to anyone concerned with the sector but is going to be essential for chief executives, finance directors, board members, executive teams, strategy and policy teams, risk analysts, business transformation teams, and local authority housing teams.

When and where, you ask? Easy: London, Thursday 12 December.

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