A child becomes homeless every eight minutes, report

The festive period always throws the issue of homelessness into the spotlight, but the latest figures from a leading homelessness charity make for even more sobering reading than usual.

According to Shelter’s new report, 135,000 children in Britain will be homeless this Christmas, estimating that 183 children lose their homes every day.

Breaking down the stats further, London has the highest concentration of homeless adolescents: 88,000 children had no home and were in temporary accommodation in the capital at the beginning of 2019. This is significantly more than the region with the next highest concentration: The South East, with 11,680 children.

Nationally, there is an average of five homeless children for every school in the country.

Responded to the report, Shelter Chief Executive Polly Neate said: “The fact 183 children become homeless every day is a scandalous figure and sharp reminder that political promises about tackling homelessness must be turned into real action.

“Day in, day out we see the devastating impact the housing emergency is having on children across the country. They are being uprooted from friends; living in cold, cramped B&Bs and going to bed at night scared by the sound of strangers outside.”

One extra statistic the maths boffins have worked out is that at the current rate, 1,647 children will become homeless between now and the General Election on 12 December. Something to seriously ponder amid the electoral mudslinging.