1,000s of new homes planned for flood-risk areas

Thousands of English homes could potentially be built in areas most at risk of flooding, an investigation has found.

According to Greenpeace’s research, almost 10,000 new properties could be developed on floodplains, including 100s in Doncaster and Sheffield, two places currently hit badly by flooding.

The investigation reveals plans to build 9,688 homes in flood-prone areas, with over 5,000 homes lined-up for zones in Lincolnshire that experienced enormous amounts of inundation in recent days.

Additionally, Greenpeace found that a proposed new town of 3,100 homes near Stainforth is less than two miles from Fishlake, a village that has seen flooding force 100s from their homes.

Greenpeace's chief scientist, Doug Parr, said: "Flooding has been flashing on the radar as one of the major impacts of the climate emergency in the UK for years," he said, "yet our planning system keeps failing to properly recognise it.”

Speaking to the BBC, the Environment Agency said though local planning authorities are ultimately responsible for approving new developments, the National Planning Policy Framework insists construction shouldn’t be contemplated in flood-risk areas.