Benchmarking: Direct Debit take-up

Six-monthly benchmarking of Direct Debit by housing providers.

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Total results: 5
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xlsx Current File size: 39KB Published Date: 07/04/2020
pdf Current File size: 553KB Published Date: 07/04/2020
xlsx Current File size: 16KB Published Date: 07/04/2020
pdf Current The latest reporting for the Direct Debit uptake benchmarking has found that Direct Debit take up on average increased by 2% amongst local authority tenants and by 10% amongst housing association tenants in 2013/14. File size: 893KB Published Date: 07/08/2014
pdf Current Direct Debit (DD) is usually the most cost-effective and efficient way of collecting payments from customers. Active promotion of DD to customers should form part of a value for money strategy that maximises customers’ use of the lowest cost payment methods. File size: 800KB Published Date: 30/01/2014
Total results: 5