Asset management - making the most of your assets

How well do you know your assets? Are you investing in the right areas? With many organisations operating over wide geographical areas, and with assets needing future investment, have your teams identified key areas for investment and divestment so that business resources can be utilised effectively?

Asset management - making the most of your assets

This practical one-day workshop is aimed at helping managers and leaders to identify the best methods to invest in the future of their assets.

It will provide managers and leaders with the opportunity to identify key areas for investment, and potentially divestment, and help to develop your own strategic plan to aid future business decisions.

Key elements of the workshop include:

  • Developing an understanding for a shared vision and approach
  • Knowing who to involve in the development of your strategy
  • Effective communication and team work for asset management, development and neighbourhood teams
  • Highlighting areas for new development and investment
  • Identifying areas for reinvestment and regeneration
  • Considering areas for potential disposal and divestment
  • Reviewing principles to help prioritise investment and divestment opportunities
  • Looking at growth opportunities, such as management agreements, leases and contracts
  • Scope out your own ‘making the most of your assets’ plan.

Who should attend?

Everyone involved in the strategic planning process for your assets and future development, including asset management, development and neighbourhood teams. This workshop will enable your managers and leaders to agree key investment principles that will help to strengthen future business decisions.

Asset management - making the most of your assets

Clare King

Technical Clare King

Clare King has over 27 years’ experience in the social housing sector, delivering critical housing services and key management projects. She has an extensive range of change management, people management, strategic planning, commercial awareness, budgetary management and contract negotiation skills, and has delivered first class leadership and performance improvement. Clare has vast experience in training, recruitment and performance management, and has facilitated training and leadership events and conferences to help bring about service and organisational improvements. Clare is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and recently completed the Leadership Course at Henley Business School at Reading University.

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