Assertiveness – the art of communicating what you want

Whatever your role in the workplace, being heard, being noticed for the right reasons and being able to get your point across successfully are key skills for everyone to have.

Assertiveness – the art of communicating what you want

Being assertive is a skill that can be learned. Developing assertiveness starts with an understanding of who you are, and the reasons you react the way you do. When you have skills and confidence, you become more comfortable having discussions, challenging decisions and standing up for yourself.

This one-day workshop focuses on giving you the knowledge and tools to help you make an impact in a positive way. By improving your communication skills you will increase your confidence and learn how and why being assertive is an asset.

By attending this course, you will learn how to:

  • Boost your self confidence 
  • Make a positive impact in conversations
  • Understand the power of words, and how to use them 
  • Be able to choose how you respond
  • Choose the right ‘non- verbal’ approaches and responses
  • Have more powerful and positive relationships and conversations at work. 

Course outline

  • Assertive behaviour and communication skills
  • Exploring what assertiveness really is
  • Understanding how and why you respond
  • Learning what works for you
  • Unpacking confidence – what you need to know.

Who should attend?

Everyone who would like to project a more confident, controlled and professional image in one-to-one or group situations.

Jo Carr

Jo Carr Jo Carr

Jo Carr works as an independent leadership and management coach, trainer and consultant in the health, social care and social housing sectors. Before 2013, Jo spent 25 years in management roles in social housing and the voluntary sector.  

Jo is a lifelong learning qualified trainer, and an ILM qualified management and mentoring coach, and she also has a flair for bringing her learning and perspective from her background to help her clients find solutions for their pressure points.   

Jo uses a flexible and eclectic mix of products and models in her work, from NLP to Situational leadership – with the focus on the client audience developing their ability through increased confidence and capacity. She is also an accredited Belbin team roles facilitator. Jo is a very skilled communicator, with an intuitive approach to working with her audience – and this is borne out in her range of delivery methods as a coach and trainer.