Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and how to tackle it – a masterclass

ASB is a serious issue for landlords and has been legislated for innumerable times over the past few years. The introduction of the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014 is a shift change from previous approaches in that it is now clearly victim led.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and how to tackle it – a masterclass

Anti-social behaviour and how to tackle it In order to deal with ASB in your community you will need a good understanding of the measures available.

This Act focuses more than ever on joint agency working and this course will take you through each of the remedies relevant to social housing providers as well as identify what actions can and/or are required from partner agencies.

This course will provide a good foundation to deal effectively and appropriately with ASB in the community.

Sessions will cover:

  • The legal tools available
  • Legal framework
  • The Civil Injunction to prevent ASB
  • Breach of the remedies
  • Closure Orders
  • Voluntary remedies
  • Possession Grounds (absolute and discretionary)
  • Community trigger.

What will delegates learn?

  • How and when to use the new tools
  • The importance of joint working
  • An understanding of ASB
  • Choosing the right remedy
  • Civil or criminal action?

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for housing practitioners and their managers who are involved in resolving ASB issues within their community.

Mel Cant

Legal Mel Cant

Mel Cant became a Barrister in July 2000 and both prior to and since that time has worked within the housing sector to improve services to the public and providers by providing leadership, practical advice, training, support and guidance in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Mel’s “can do” attitude along with her passion for ensuring equality and fairness for all through outstanding customer service and providing practical solutions has made her a “go to” person within social housing.

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