Getting to grips with annual reports

STOP PRESS…Give tenants what they want – get to grips with annual reports – half-day practical workshop.

Getting to grips with annual reports

The Regulator is clear: annual reports are mandatory. Landlords must hold themselves to account and clearly explain to residents how their housing provider is performing – the good, the bad…and the ugly.

But most annual reports are:

  • Boring and baffling
  • Meaningless and missing the point
  • Glossy and corporate.

Its time to ditch this.

Dazzle, grip and inform – our half-day session will give you the practical skills you need.

We’ll take you through the process including everything you need to consider – presentation, formats and content.

Go away with a checklist and a refreshed approach.

The themes

  • Engage with your customer – the reader
  • What’s important to tenants
  • Get key messages across
  • Who does it well?
  • Avoid common pitfalls 
  • Producing fit for purpose, customer-approved reports.

Who should attend

Responsible for creating, designing and producing your organisation’s annual report? This course has your name all over it!

Essential for everyone in operations, resident involvement, communication and marketing, governance and those responsible for performance data.

Emma Marsh

Senior leadership Emma Marsh

Emma fell in love with housing at an early age whilst on a university work placement to the housing department in Chester. She has been committed to a career in housing ever since. Emma has worked in executive management roles in housing since 2000 and has a proven track record in delivering and exceeding expectations. Her career has given her a wide breadth of experience across a range of housing related activities, including housing and property management, finance and risk, repairs, development, asset management, regeneration and resident involvement.