About us

Tenants and residents want safe, clean, well-maintained and sustainable places to live. Achieving this can be a challenge. The Housing Management Network is here to help.

About us

The Housing Management Network is an essential resource for everyone involved in neighbourhood management:

  • From executive management dealing with strategic issues
  • To the front line resolving operational, day to day matters
  • And covering general needs as well as supported and sheltered housing.

The Housing Management Network takes the hard work out of policy tracking by turning policy into practice and putting you in touch with sector experts as well as like-minded practitioners.

Network membership will bring tangible benefits to a wide range of your staff.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience in the sector, and vast knowledge of the issues and practices.

Louise Burgess

Louise Burgess Louise Burgess

Louise manages the Network on a day-to-day basis and maintains close contact with members to ensure they get the most out of their membership.

Bobbie Hough

Bobbie Hough Bobbie Hough

Bobbie Hough has worked for more than a dozen housing associations and local authorities on community consultation campaigns and neighbourhood regeneration schemes. He is director at communications consultancy Hough Bellis Communications and works with landlords to help align communications and business strategies. He also supports the charity Arthritis Research UK to lobby Government on key issues.