Designed to provide a unique space for housing professionals to collaborate and share ideas and best practice, the Innovation and Technology Network was launched jointly by HQN and DTL Creative in February 2021.


Dedicated to developing content and delivering events of essential interest to members, the Innovation and Technology Network focuses on the things you need to know more about and answers the questions you’ve been meaning to ask for ages. 

Intended to cater for people of all abilities, roles and backgrounds, we want the network to bring keen and experienced tech users together with those who are looking to find new ways to innovate.

One of our key aims is to demonstrate to anyone working directly or indirectly in housing that innovation isn’t rocket science; that tech isn’t scary or always out of financial reach; that they too have a place at the table; and that there are no stupid questions!

Innovation can be found everywhere: from wholesale system changes to the smallest frustrations around the way things are ‘done’. It’s a desire to see things improved.

And as for new technologies available to help you make things better: a lot of things now exist beyond the Star Trek universe and are already implemented across the world!