About us

The Housing Finance Network gets people talking about the real issues in a tough climate: value for money, costs, efficiencies, making savings, business planning and managing risk.

About us

It covers topics of interest such as capital funding, budgeting and finance strategy, self-financing, borrowing, business planning, corporate management matters and IT.

The Housing Finance Network is an essential resource for both finance experts (finance directors and managers) as well as non-finance people who have responsibility for budgets, financial planning, IT and business management.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience in the sector, and vast knowledge of the issues and practices.

Ian Parker

Ian Parker Ian Parker

Ian brings over 30 years experience in both local authority and associations. His focus is the housing association sector and value for money. Ian has developed a number of financial models including for the Affordable Homes Programme, the financial impact of the welfare reforms on rent arrears and Portfolio Asset Value Evaluation.