About us

Our Health & Safety Network (SAFETYnet) has one primary goal: the wellbeing of your residents and employees, while keeping your organisation on the right side of the law.

About us

Organisations face a catalogue of health and safety issues: gas safety, corporate manslaughter, fire risk, accidents at work, lone working, asbestos, Legionella, and working at height, to name only a few.

SAFETYnet helps its members keep on top of things by interpreting and analysing legislation and regulatory requirements, as well as sharing best practice. The Network’s advisory group meets quarterly to discuss the information, ideas and events that influence health and safety.

The main topics covered by the network are:

  • Asbestos
  • Gas safety
  • Legionella
  • Lone working
  • Lifts and lifting equipment
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience in the sector, and vast knowledge of the issues and practices.

Matthew Breakell

Matthew Breakell Matthew Breakell

Matthew is a Partner and Head of Health and Safety Commercial Solutions at DAC Beachcroft.  He specialises in advising in relation to corporate criminal investigations and defending prosecutions brought by regulatory agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authority, Environment Agency, Police, ORR and CQC.
He has extensive experience in caution interviews including representing company directors at the police station in relation to Corporate Manslaughter investigations; and assisting company's through HSE / Local Authority investigations, caution interviews and prosecutions.
Matthew also delivers training for organisations, including mock trials and board room briefing sessions. He also advises with organisations around consequential Health and Safety issues such as policies and procedures, enforcement action/FFI appeals, and due diligence/tender advice.
Matthew is a member of IOSH and a committee member for the Humber Branch and a committee member for the IOSH Consultancy Group.

Alison Harvey

Alison Harvey Alison Harvey

Alison Harvey is the Group Asbestos Manager for Gentoo’s large property portfolio. She is the chairperson and creator of the NE Area Asbestos Management Group (which is backed by the HSE) and is a member of ACAD.

Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson first became involved with Health and Safety as a safety representative for the GMB union. She then took on the developmental role of Health and Safety Advisor for Aspire Housing. During this time Jane gained experience in many health and safety subjects including fire, asbestos, Legionella, manual handling and lone working. She was also instrumental in delivering new policies and procedures and a new safety management system.

After having worked for Aspire as their Health and Safety Advisor for eight years Jane moved on and now works as the Health, Safety and Welfare Manager for Brighter Futures in Stoke on Trent. Brighter Futures are also a social housing provider with approximately 300 properties, but they are different in that all of their customers are provided with supported housing in one form or another.

Jane is a chartered member of IOSH and holds qualifications in fire risk assessment, manual handling training and a holds a Level 3 award in education and training.

Steve Pettitt

Steve Pettitt Steve Pettitt

Steve first became involved in health and safety whilst serving in the Army.  For more than a decade he attended various courses to expand on his knowledge and experience in health and safety and following his discharge in 1997 took the opportunity to use his skills and knowledge to develop a health and safety career.  Since 2000 he has worked in the housing sector for Hounslow Council (local authority), Hounslow Homes (ALMO), Richmond Housing Partnership (stock transfer), Notting Hill (G15), East Thames (G15) and most recently L&Q (G15) where he is the Director of Safety.  L&Q is London’s largest housing associations housing around 250,000 people in more than 97,000 homes primarily across London and the South East. 

During his working life he has obtained a wide range of knowledge and experience and he singles out his Army career which shaped every aspect of his life and most importantly his approach and way of working.  He does not hesitate to challenge, is honest and transparent and he has a can do attitude which when coupled with good old common sense, his solution orientated approach and a sense of humor delivers good results.