A practical workshop on nudge theory – half-day course

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could encourage tenants to keep to the tenancy agreement without having to issue warnings or threats?

A practical workshop on nudge theory

Do you spend endless time and resources trying to get tenants to pay their rent, allow access for gas and electrical servicing?

Are there other things that your tenants do, or don't do, that you wish you could change to help manage estates and tenancies better?

If the answer to any of the above is "yes", then this interactive workshop could be for you. Split into two parts:

  • Learn all about the basics of behavioural economics, otherwise known as nudge techniques, where small, often low cost changes can have huge positive impacts on services
  • Apply the basics of behavioural insights to consider real problems housing organisations are currently facing, and design nudge based solutions.

During this virtual workshop, you will learn all about the theory behind nudge, and how it has been used in different settings to achieve amazing results. We'll provide examples of how people really behave, and how this is often different from how we think they'll naturally react and the reasons for this.

We'll go through the key things to consider when implementing nudge techniques to influence positive behaviour traits, how to avoid common pitfalls and how to measure and evidence your findings.

There’s plenty of opportunity to consider some real life scenarios and challenges you're currently facing, where we use what we've learnt and devise some nudge based plans that you can take away and implement in your own organisations.

Who should attend?

Anyone with operational responsibilities such as housing officers, repairs staff, team leaders and managers, or officers with responsibility for service improvements.

Richard Walker

Customer service Richard Walker

Richard Walker is an HQN trainer and associate and has extensive knowledge and experience of customer service management, both operationally and strategically, having worked in the housing sector for over 20 years. Richard has proven success of both developing and turning round complaints services and he has undertaken numerous reviews and training sessions as a trainer and consultant. He is a trained Customer Service Excellence assessor and has also operated in a private sector customer service environment. His practical and relaxed training style ensures attendees engage and get the most out of his sessions.