Universal credit – Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs)

As the Universal Credit roll out gathers pace, complexities and anomalies with applications for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs) are coming to light.

Universal credit – Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs)

Further delays, in an already complex and lengthy process, will potentially damage rent collection and see landlords lose out.

Issues with how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) administration handle claims may increase the demands on staff members who assist those tenants experiencing problems.

Recent data-sharing regulations should have helped to improve communications where there has been no notification or delayed notification of tenant awards. In practice, it appears the process may not to be as effective as it should be!!

This half-day course looks at the processes for applying for APAs (including arrears direct), raising queries with the DWP and escalating issues where delays or non-payment of APAs occur.

You will learn:

  • When you should apply for an APA
  • The application processes
  • When payments should start
  • How much should be paid
  • Notifications and raising queries
  • When and how you can request a managed payment in excess of the housing costs element
  • When and how to challenge an APA
  • Making a complaint and pursuing compensation
  • Recouping arrears.
Who should attend:

All income staff and everyone making claims for APAs, team leaders and managers who need to ensure that they are up to date on this vital topic. The training assumes a prior knowledge of Universal Credit.

Universal credit – Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs)

Alison Markantonis

Income management Alison Markantonis

Alison Markantonis is an experienced welfare benefits, financial capability and employment skills practitioner, who has worked successfully in the affordable housing and benefits sector for the last 27 years. She has worked with many housing and support organisations and brings her extensive experience to specialise in demystifying the benefits system, money management and employability skills training for both frontline staff and tenants. Her approach is participative and interactive, using case studies and her own experience to take the complex, and make it not only simple, but also applicable.

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