Business Operations Manager - New Leaf Repairs

  • Reference: BCHA
  • Application closing date: 22 Oct 2017 12:00

Job Description

The New Leaf Company, a social enterprise subsidiary of BCHA - a Bournemouth-based housing association - are offering an exciting role to lead a busy repairs and maintenance team, servicing the needs of the housing association and growing external commercial opportunities.

The successful candidate will take charge of business development and growth for the function, advising and supporting the New Leaf Board and working closely with senior managers at BCHA.

Your role will be to lead, manage and develop the business and services of New Leaf Repairs, the DLO for BCHA which is a social enterprise. You will be responsible for managing and delivering the repairs and investment in housing stock for the benefit of tenants by planning and developing long and short term work programmes within the parameters set by the BCHA Asset Plan and needs as approved by Housing and Supported Housing within BCHA, to maintain and improve the value of the stock and meet the needs of current and future residents.

You will also develop new business opportunities for property maintenance, repair and refurbishment from other organisations and partners to create additional profitable income streams for reinvestment into the BCHA charity and support services.

This role must ensure that an effective business plan and structure is in place for employees, sub-contractors, materials, equipment and health & safety delivering excellent value for money, well skilled operatives and customer focused repairs, maintenance and cleaning services.

You will be responsible for managing the day to day operation of contracts, controlling all elements including budgeting, cost control and client liaison, managing on site relationships with a variety of existing clients, developing new client relationships; undertaking cost control and budget reporting; understanding, interpreting and implementing a design brief, and being able to meet and deliver the clients requirements.


Employment Details

  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Pay: £41,838 - £47,239 per annum