Sensory Acuity

We all have the ability to read people and situations. Some people are naturally better at it, with others being completely unaware of the signals they give off and missing the key signals coming from other people. Others will tell you they can read people like a book.

Sensory Acuity

We all have different thoughts and feelings based on our experience of the world, but without realising it we all unconsciously express our internal thoughts via our body language, eyes and words. With some practice and know-how you can learn to identify changes in physiology and become more attuned to people around you by calibrating body language, understanding eye movements and recognising representational system preferences in speech.

Sensory acuity has been developed within the practice of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and is used by practitioners and coaches to help gain rapport with their clients and to provide understanding of their representation of the world. Over the years it has been developed to assist ‘people influencers’ within sales and management to better understand the people they need to influence by allowing them to communicate and interact on that person’s ‘level’.

What the course will cover:

Sensory acuity:
  • Functions of the unconscious mind
  • Neurological levels
  • The NLP communication model
  • How sensory aware are we?
Body and language:
  • Mindreading and dispelling the myths
  • Eye movement – Insight to the inside
  • Physiology: acknowledging external representation
  • Words, voice and tone.
Your representational system VAK:
  • Understanding your VAK preference
  • How we use VAK in communication
  • Coding time – stepping into your timeline.
Using sensory acuity:
  • Rapport – have we clicked yet?
  • Mirroring and match
  • Building rapport with words.
Who should attend?
Everyone who manages and influences people both directly or indirectly, including line managers, sales teams, frontline staff, middle and senior managers and executives.

Sensory Acuity

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Rachel Whitrod

Customer service Rachel Whitrod

Rachel Whitrod has an extensive knowledge of social housing, resident involvement, volunteer management and training, which led her to create her own independent housing consultancy in 2011. Before this she managed customer services and complaints for a highly respected high street retailer where she utlised her key skills in customer insight and engagement. A practising NLP practitioner, hypnotist and coach, Rachel structures her sessions to be interactive, thought-provoking and practical.