Resilience and mental toughness

In life we all experience failure, disappointment, and setbacks, or lose that drive that keeps us moving forward.

Resilience and mental toughness

In the current climate we’re being asked to increase productivity and do more with less resource. We face unprecedented financial decline and growing demand for services. New concepts of delivery, different relationships with partners, responsibilities with less boundaries, regulatory uncertainty, and tighter time constraints mean we need exceptional resilience skills to achieve performance and bounce back quickly from adversity and setbacks.

This course will benefit those from organisations going through periods of change or with an increase in demand and pressure, and everyone who wants to develop greater levels of resilience in the workplace. It’s highly interactive and practical, and raises participants’ awareness of the resilience and mental toughness skills they already possess (MTQ48 online assessment will be carried out in advance of the day, to assess individuals’ ability to withstand pressure in a range of environments). You will learn how to expand and incorporate these and other resilience skills into your everyday roles.

Key benefits:

  • Understanding that resilient attitudes and habits can be developed and enhance performance, leadership and general wellbeing at work and in life
  • Understanding why one person goes under when another thrives
  • Improving ability to understand and solve problems and remain positive under pressure
  • Learning to view setbacks, adversity and change as challenges
  • Adversity bounce-back techniques, and tools and exercises to improve resilience skills
  • Understanding the importance of self care
  • Increased flexibility and confidence, with a stronger sense of being in control when faced with uncertainty
  • Maintaining performance, stamina, clarity and logic under pressure
  • Motivation, maintenance and sustaining morale in others
  • Developing more effective responses to pressure through key personal development strategies and tactic development.
Positive business outcomes include helping people to maintain consistently high levels of performance, reducing stress-related absence and the potential for workplace conflict.
Course outline:
  • How resilience, stress and pressure relate to each other
  • Understanding yourMTQ48 results, using the reports and breaking the results down
  • Assessing individual resilience, mental toughness, strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding your strengths and how to develop your own and your team’s resilience
  • The basic resilience skills, and building your resilience plan.

Who should attend?

Everyone who wants to improve their or their team’s mental toughness and resilience skills, from chief executives, board members, senior and middle managers and team leaders to those delivering frontline or back-of-house services.

Resilience and mental toughness

training track record

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package, please contact us by emailing

Sharon Bryan

Personal development Sharon Bryan

Sharon Bryan is a highly accomplished and qualified lifelong learning trainer, coach and development consultant with over 20 years’ experience of working with the social housing sector. Coupled with her experience of learning and development delivery and working through transformational change, she has developed an approach that is person-centred, participative and highly interactive. With a practical eye for detail and people she is able to simplify complexity, making it applicable, relevant, and fun. As a licensed Master NLP practitioner and MTQ48 Assessor her flexibility and range of delivery techniques give an added dimension to her courses.