Report writing - high quality and better reports

Well-written reports deliver information that is: Concise and clearly presented, Easy and quick to interpret, Ideal for making decisions.

Report writing - high quality and better reports

This training day will help you to write better reports that say what you mean as clearly and directly as possible. We'll start with how you feel when you are asked to write a report and go from there. With lots of practical exercises and examples this course will build on your skills to make you a more confident writer.

What to think about before you start:

  • Identifying your audience
  • Being clear about your purpose
  • Honing your key messages
  • Developing a structure.
How to find the best writing style and language:
  • Choosing tone and style
  • Getting to the point and getting rid of jargon
  • How to summarise well
  • Editing for impact.
We'll also look at when to use graphics, photos and case studies and how to use them well. If you bring a report from your to-do list to work on throughout the day you'll be able to apply what you learn directly to this example. This will help you to feel confident about putting your new skills to use.
This course can be tailored to your organisation's reporting style and formats.
Who should attend?
Everyone who wants to improve their report-writing skills, including leaders, managers and team leaders.

Report writing - high quality and better reports

Caroline Oubridge

Customer service Caroline Oubridge

Caroline Oubridge started out making community programmes for BBC local radio before working in press and communications for national charities for over 15 years. She's a strong believer in straightforward communication and now specialises in training and advising organisations on how to explain who they are, what they do and why it matters. Caroline always delivers training that is informative, enjoyable and practical.

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