Rent collection - how to prevent rent arrears from day one

Getting the relationship between landlord and tenant off to a good start is critical. It is a vital time, when key messages should be given regarding the obligations of paying rent.

Rent collection - how to prevent rent arrears from day one

This half-day course is ideal for those staff who are involved at the front end of tenancy allocation and pre-allocation, and getting the message across regarding the obligations and accountabilities for paying rent on time from day one. You will learn from top performers in the sector.

What the course will cover:

  • Setting the scene – the importance of paying rent
  • Establishing a ‘rent first’ culture
  • Who? what? and when? – rent collection: whose responsibility?
  • Good practice for income recovery teams whilst the debt is still manageable Monitoring performance and setting KPIs.
Who should attend?
  • Income officers
  • Financial inclusion officers
  • Allocation officers
  • Neighbourhood officers
  • Support officers
  • Tenancy sustainment officers
  • Welfare reform officers
  • Debt advisors.

Rent collection - how to prevent rent arrears from day one

Tony Kiely

Income management Tony Kiely

Tony Kiely is an HQN associate and has extensive knowledge and experience of income management, both operationally and strategically, having worked in the housing sector for over 35 years. Tony is an associate tutor at the University of Chester, and has devised and delivered modules for its Learning Pathways for Housing Practice programme. He is a member of the Chartered institute of Housing and is passionate about learning and developing staff to reach their full potential. His practical training style allows for lots of interaction and his courses consistently receive excellent feedback.

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