Rent collection - former tenant debt collection

With legislation from the Welfare Reform and Work and the Housing and Planning Acts 2016 biting, it will be more important than ever for landlords to collect all income due, including former tenant debt.

Rent collection - former tenant debt collection

This course will provide practical tools and techniques for effectively managing and collecting former tenant debt.

What the course will cover:

  • Why collecting total debt is critical for housing providers
  • Effective tools and techniques for effective collecting of former tenant debt
  • Practical approaches to prevent former tenant debt accruing
  • Court options for dealing with former tenant debt
  • Developing effective and meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • How to ensure an effective service which provides value for money.
The course can be tailored to your organisation, making this a flexible and cost-effective way of training staff to be their best.
Who should attend?
  • Income officers
  • Financial inclusion officers
  • Allocation officers
  • Neighbourhood officers
  • Support officers
  • Tenancy sustainment officers
  • Welfare reform officers
  • Debt advisors.

Rent collection - former tenant debt collection

Tony Kiely

Income management Tony Kiely

Tony Kiely is an HQN associate and has extensive knowledge and experience of income management, both operationally and strategically, having worked in the housing sector for over 35 years. Tony is an associate tutor at the University of Chester, and has devised and delivered modules for its Learning Pathways for Housing Practice programme. He is a member of the Chartered institute of Housing and is passionate about learning and developing staff to reach their full potential. His practical training style allows for lots of interaction and his courses consistently receive excellent feedback.

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