Project management – Bite sized two-hour in depth sessions for project managers and teams

Most organisations run projects – but under 40% of projects are delivered successfully on time, on budget and to agreed quality standards.

Project management – Bite sized two-hour in depth sessions for project managers and teams

Bite sized two-hour in depth sessions for project managers and teams Many project managers – or people working in a project team – have a good basic overview of the essentials of project management, but may require further understanding of some key areas. 

We offer two-hour sessions, which are designed to provide further depth to help a project manager or team lead confidently and effectively. The sessions can be mixed and matched according to the needs of your organisation. Choose any two to be delivered in a day for up to 16 participants.

The sessions are summarised below. Delegates will leave with practical skills and templates that they can use immediately in their work. 

Who should attend?

These short in-depth sessions are ideal for new Project Managers and/or project team members who have already gained an understanding of the essentials of project management and the project lifecycle, particularly where further detail is needed on key areas for your organisation. 

Developing a project team

For any successful project you need to have a successful and effective team. Without their commitment and understanding you do not have the resources to deliver. 

Within this session you will learn about: 

  • Roles within a project team
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • How to plan for a successful team
  • Stages of team development
  • Barriers to teamwork (including conflict within a team)
  • Leadership and motivation of your project team.
Project scope management

Defining and managing the scope of a project is essential to assess clearly what is needed and to make sure that the objectives stay on course throughout the project. 

Within this session you will learn about: 

  • Planning your project scope in terms of outputs, outcomes and benefits
  • Controlling change within a project
  • Essentials about breakdown structures and critical path-pictorial representations of scope
  • Scheduling and resource management.
Managing risks and issues

Identifying and managing risks and issues can be a major problem on any project, yet there is often a lack of in depth analysis on potential risks. If risk and issue identification and management is not done well, problems can arise that can restrict or stop the best thought out project. 

Within this session you will learn about:

  • Difference between risks and issues
  • Assessing the context of your project
  • Risk planning – how and when to do it
  • Risk management processes
  • Risk management template
  • Importance of issue management
  • Issue management processes
  • Sample issue log.
Communications within a project

Effective communication of your project is essential to obtain the organisational and individual commitment needed for success. Everyone involved needs to know the point of the project and be working towards the same overall aims and specific objectives. Yet all too often, communication is sometimes an afterthought, or not planned at all. 

Within this session you will learn about:

  • Articulating the main aims of your project
  • Managing different stakeholders
  • Factors which can affect communication
  • Communication plans
  • Information management within a project
  • Sources of conflict within the project and how conflict can be managed
  • Negotiation in projects.

Ruth Walker-Cotton

Ruth Walker-Cotton Ruth Walker-Cotton

Ruth Walker-Cotton is a qualified project manager (APM PMQ) and a member of the Association of Project Management. She is currently studying Strategic Project Management at MSc level.

Ruth has extensive experience of writing and implementing strategies and managing campaigns and projects within the Charity, NHS and Housing sectors. She has successfully improved performance in a variety of sectors, through setting and achieving targets in partnership with key stakeholders.

Ruth is experienced in people management and loves designing and implementing systems and processes to ensure clarity and efficiency. Her main focus is project management – whether training a team or guiding them through a project – supporting businesses to improve their strategic and resource planning, working with them as they go through organisational change.

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