Planning our return – how to reintegrate and refine our strategy (half-day course)

Learning from the crisis and preparing for the future

Planning our return – how to reintegrate and refine our strategy

Planning our return – how to reintegrate and refine our strategy When we return after many weeks of lockdown organisational cultures will have shifted, people will be used to working in different ways and expectations will have changed. Some new ways of working may have proved to be better, some core priorities may not now seem as relevant or achievable. Some staff will have stepped up to the challenge and developed new skills. Some will have been furloughed and may need help to adjust. And the plans for lifting lockdown restrictions are not yet known – it’s unlikely to happen overnight.

This three hour virtual workshop will give you great techniques to plan this next transition as you prepare for a return to a post pandemic world. How do you build on what you have learnt about yourself and your team and what’s important for your organisation as you manage the return to a new way of operating.

What you will learn:

  • Strategic choices – how to position, plan, and prepare so you can return to a post pandemic world
  • How has your culture changed? What valuable insight and ways of working do you want to retain and build on? Who are we going to be?
  • Decision making – placing value on demands and making good strategic decisions when the future isn't clear
  • Risk literacy – how to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and plan contingency for core priorities
  • How well are you leading the change – a chance to critique your approach, improve your emotional intelligence and reflect on what you want to develop in yourself
  • Trusting our team, being flexible and allowing people to be truly autonomous upon return
  • Managing expectations of those staff who have stepped up, how can you continue to motivate and help those to return who have been away from work for a substantial period of time.

Who should attend

Everyone involved in planning for the return to a post-pandemic world to ensure your organisation or team is ready for business.

Emma Walker-Cotton

Emma Walker-Cotton Emma Walker-Cotton

Emma Walker-Cotton is an award winning trainer specialising in leadership development. She has over 25 years experience of training design and delivery in both the public and private sector, including working as HR Director for Amnesty International. Emma is passionate about individuals having the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop their resilience. She always ensures that participants leave the session with practical skills they can implement back in work.

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