Total assurance from HQN in the era of safety and supply

“The tragedy…led to a profound cultural shift within the industry. Safety, neglected for too long in favour of economic and operational imperatives, was propelled to the top of the…agenda.” 

That’s about a fire on the Piper Alpha oil rig. After Grenfell we have to do the same thing on safety. And it’s starting - the HCA says: “Boards and councillors must ensure that they have proper oversight of all health and safety issues (including gas safety, fire safety, asbestos and legionella).” 

But we have to keep building houses too. And win back the trust of many residents. 

How can HQN help? 

  • Our Health and Safety Network, run by Vicki Cutler, a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, provides specialist advice on managing the risks around fire, gas, asbestos, lifts and legionella 
  • Getting governance right – HQN prides itself on mastering the basics like training your people to produce minutes and reports that do more than just meet the minimum requirements of regulators; manage risk frameworks that really do spot risks; and carry out internal audit programmes that actually do act as a line of defence 
  • Building effective relationships with residents – our Residents’ Network is run by tenants and publishes cutting edge guidance on scrutiny. The popular annual conference attracts top speakers like Lord Best and Lord Kerslake 
  • Our Housing Finance Network gives you all you need to assess your VfM, benchmark your costs and keep on top of the fast changing HCA agenda on In Depth Assessments, stress testing and viability - it is led by Ian Parker. 

Consultancy and training on: 

  • In Depth Assessment preparation and governance reviews 
  • Stress testing 
  • VfM 
  • Safety (including programmes to meet regulatory concerns over fire and gas) 
  • Asset management 
  • Resident engagement (where relationships have broken down) 
  • Policy horizon scanning 
  • Boosting development capacity for RPs and councils 
  • Crisis PR from senior Sunday Times/BBC journalist 
  • Effective relationships and partnerships - including procurement and client/contract management.