The tenant voice and the Housing Green Paper – make your views heard

Does the government really care about social housing residents? Should social landlords be doing more to ensure tenants voices are heard? In the post-Grenfell housing world, it appears the views of residents are being taken seriously. But will anything really change unless it comes from the top?

With the long-awaited Housing Green Paper just around the corner, the Residents' Network is staging a series of best practice groups to explore what should be included and how the sector can better recognise the views of tenants. We want to hear from residents as well as landlords.

These events will also provide an opportunity to discuss the future of resident involvement and whether the current models of co-regulation and tenant scrutiny are fit for purpose.

We want to hear your thoughts on the future of the Residents' Network and how it can stay relevant and add value in the new housing landscape.

To ensure our Best Practice groups are more than talking shops, we will be sending notes and recommendations from the event to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government's strategy team.

These groups are completely free to residents and social housing staff, but places are extremely limited.

In advance of these groups we want to hear your views on how the sector can better recognise the views of tenants:

  • Should it be enshrined in regulation – what should this look like?
  • The future landlord/tenant relationship. Is co-regulation/scrutiny old hat?
  • The green paper – what’s in it, or what should be in it?
  • What does the Residents' Network need to look like?
  • The merit of mutuals.

You can send in your responses to these talking points here.

The Residents Network will be holding Best Practice groups at the following locations:

County Durham Housing Group, Durham – Tuesday 10 April 2018
Genesis Housing Group, London – Friday 13 April 2018
Wolverhampton Homes, Wolverhampton –  Monday 16 April 2018
Aster Group, Wells – Thursday 19 April 2018.