The digital dilemma

Last week saw The Residents’ Network hold its 'Digital dilemma' event. The day was intended to highlight the benefits and pitfalls to going digital.

We heard from a number of organisations who shared their insight into subjects like digital skills and the use of data. These included housing associations who demonstrated to delegates what their own digital transformation journeys looked like. Importantly, we also heard about the risks of digital engagement and the continuing value of face to face engagement.

We had four residents and one former resident speaking at the event. We heard from two self-declared older residents, who shared their experience in becoming digital champions – they decided to learn about new technologies so that they could help their friends and neighbours in an accessible and patient way.

We also heard from a former resident who took part in co-designing a new resident engagement platform. He made the point that while organisations often say they put people at the heart of everything they do, it’s often hard to quantify. However, through this genuine involvement at the beginning of a digital journey, he could say with certainty that his former landlord had residents at their epicentre. This was an important message that the whole room seemed to appreciate.

If you would like more information about the day, or about The Residents’ Network, you can email, or call 01904 557188.